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Custom backpacks are used by both the young and the old for many purposes. To be exact, the custombackpack can be of different types such as the bulkbackpack and the lightweight backpack. The bulkbackpack is actually the simplest form of the custombackpack, as it has only a few features. When you consider that the bulkbackpack is smaller in size than the other type of backpack, you can understand why it is simpler. On the other hand, the bulkbackpack has no shoulder straps and has just a single backpanel.

The lightweight backpack is the most common type and weighs less than forty-five pounds. This backpack has much more versatility because it can be carried on top of your waist and even attached to your belt. You can also use the lightweight backpack to carry a single camera bag or an awning. The waist belt of the lightweight backpack is usually made out of strong canvas and if you are using the harness it is usually made out of strong plastic as well. The shoulder straps on the lightweightbackpack are usually used to hold down the lightest duty camera bag or to hold the camera bag with one hand.

The other type of the custombackpack is the lightweight backpack. These types of backpacks have been introduced since the last decade and have been utilized by the army, air force, police and other forces for many years. However, you can also make use of this type of backpack when you are going to be spending some time on a long hike. If you wish to carry a lot of gear with you then you can also buy one of the specialty backpacks. Such backpacks are not as light as the bulkbackpack and are actually designed to carry the heaviest items such as cameras, laptops and other things.

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