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An image comparing the size between a human and bird Argentavis magnificens. Depicts Dr Kenneth E. Campbell at the National History Museum of Los Angeles.

Argentavis magnificens was among the largest flying birds ever to exist, quite possibly surpassed in wingspan only by Pelagornis sandersi, which was described in 2014. A. magnificens, sometimes called the giant teratorn, is an extinct species known from three sites in the Epecu√©n and Andalhual√° Formations in central and northwestern Argentina dating to the Late Miocene (Huayquerian), where a good sample of fossils has been obtained.[1][2]

A North American team has studied the flight abilities of Argentavis magnificens, which lived six million years ago in Argentina.

The largest bird known to have taken to the skies would have been a remarkable glider, scientists say.

 With its seven-metre (23ft) wingspan, the animal must have been an expert at riding thermals and updrafts. [3]

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